mars in Sol gallery

The mars in Sol Gallery is one of Maine’s true gems. Featuring everything from local contemporary to abstract art, the gallery is a rare look at the eclectic nature of Maine art and the talented artists who produce it. The gallery itself is an diverse collection of paintings, pottery, sculpture, jewelry, photography, oils and encaustics. With a new show each month, the mars in Sol Gallery is a must see for anyone who appreciates the unique richness of Maine craftsmanship and artistic expression. 

As you approach the mars in Sol Gallery you are greeted by a beautiful sculpture garden featuring work from local sculptors in and around the Sebago area. The gallery space itself is established inside an inviting 1800’s style barn with antique windows, creating a dynamic atmosphere which is often enhanced by the gentle gusts of warm summer air. 

The vintage feel of the barn’s structure combined with the modern aesthetic of the gallery layout mixes old and new themes that makes the observer feel as though the gallery itself is a work of art. This rustic yet modern atmosphere brings the artwork to life in a way that is truly inspiring to both new and seasoned visitors.