Cindy Smith Roy

stained glass artist

Cinda Roy of Luna Glass has been a multifaceted Artist with over 35 years in the mediums of Pottery, Stained Glass, Photography, Painting, Silversmithing and Metal Works. Cinda had her formal training at University of New Hampshire, and apprenticed under Johanna Wickes and Janet Monet for 10 years. She was born in Maine and is a resident of Sebago Lake.

The whimsical stained glass designs come to life from decommissioned New England churches, greenhouses, and old homes and barns from Maine to England and Scotland. Cinda’s designs use various glasses, geodes, chandelier crystals, quartz, semi-precious stones, molded glass, old windows, etched light panels, old bottles, and recycled glass. The geodes used are believed to alleviate stress and strengthen spirituality.